Nasty smell at Westminster… Again!

Three former ministers have been suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party “for bringing it into disrepute” (BBC News). Once again the stench of dishonesty, insincerity and materialism in Britain’s rotting politics wafts out of the Houses of Parliament. Mandelson calls it “rather grubby, David Cameron says the “scandals” besetting Labour are “worse” than 1990s sleaze.

Nick Robinson (BBC political editor) suggests in his blog that the suspension is more of an attempt “to cleanse the Labour Party of Blairites before a possible leadership contest if Labour loses the election”.  

The majority of the public (I would suggest) are just sick to death of those in politics who seem prepared to do more or less anything to line their already considerably bulging pockets!

I would ask; are any of them actually up to the job and, just how many politicians in reality are prepared to serve the Country as opposed to themselves?

We are now approaching what is likely to be one of the closest fought general elections in recent history. The leaders of the three main political parties are trying to persuade us the electorate… Who is the best equipped to lead the country at this challenging time? New research by the Institute of Leadership and Management highlights the leadership vacuum at the top of UK politics (ILM report).

Perhaps the public will actually exercise their power at the ballot box to shake up British politics? I doubt it… We are still likely to suffer from the uninformed, protest and blind allegiance type of voting.

Most politicians never actually behave like they promised, once they get their feet in the trough any way!

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