It snow crime!

Here we go cooking the books again!

The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police has criticised some of his officers for recording snowball throwing as “serious violent crime”. (BBC Report)

Apparently the Chief Constable Peter Fahy has said the officers concerned ‘had failed to show any common sense’. That’s a bit rich! Blame the Bobby for the ‘mistake’ when he/she is constantly castigated by the bosses of the organisation about crime detection and (the cooked) Home Office statistics

We are working with officers to ensure they know how to properly code crimes so they are an accurate reflection of the situation. ACC Terry Sweeney GMP

Due to the complex nature of crime classification today, most police forces now have dedicated ‘Crime Recording Units’. These are staffed by civilians who are (supposedly) the ‘experts’ in making sure the crimes fit the HO recording guidelines. Despite this, ACPO staff are still having a go at their police officers for the ‘mistakes’?

The problem is not the police officers (or the CRU staff), it’s the complex nature of the Home Office counting rules and their interpretation.

Come on ‘Home Office’, it’s about time a crime was counted as a crime (i.e. as per the legal definition). Not some legalese bunk dreamt up by you so we only count the ones YOU WANT to count!

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