The Chav Handbag…

Walking my dog in the park this evening; I finally discovered why silly little ‘Wannabe Celeb’ girlies carry these massive designer label handbags.

My Rottweiler always has an interest in large bags, usually bags of shopping but any type will do really… You just never know when someone has brought something nice to eat back with them.

So as we approached this young lady, the faithful hound dived in to try to stuff her nose in the chav bag. Said girlie let out this monumental scream and a distinct sound like whimpering could also be heard?

Looking at Miss Chavette’s spotty boyfriend hiding under his hoodie (and behind her) but trying to look hard, I suppose it could have come from him?

As I’m calling my ‘Dark Protector’ back from her quest I spied it… A small white fluffy thing with beedie eyes peering from the bag. So that’s it… Chavettes carry silly bags to secrete their Paris Hilton Pooch about their person!

I feel better for knowing that however, I bet she won’t when she gets home and finds the produce delivered by Mommy’s Little Treasure on its Bling String (aka: rat on a rope)….

The one that was shaking like the proverbial shitting dog at the thought of becoming a Rottweiler’s supper!

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