How’s Your Cringe Gland?

The advert (below) made me smile. It’s clever in that it actually reflects how we shop in Britain, it also proves and illustrates the need for services such as theirs!

The British ‘Cringe Gland’ and our inability to haggle, is probably one of the strongest reasons why we live in our ripoff Country. A Nation where we seem to pay more for less and are happy to do so. Many of our retailers work on at least 100% mark up on their products and we are happy to pay. And, we are so gullible that we actually believe many of the adverts on our TV?

Fortunately for us consumers (unfortunately for retailers) the tide has turned and now the consumer is gaining control. Much of this change has undoubtedly come about due to the power of the internet. Facilities such as price comparison websites (see below) and the advice of people like Martin Lewis the money saving expert have also helped.

Don’t forget Sergei Specials at Compare the Meerkat!

Many of the comparison sites above started out because of a consumer need relating to car insurance however, even they are expanding into other retail areas. Google can also present you with a price comparison on any product you may search for.

After seeing the haggle skill at first hand in many Countries (and actually having a go) it makes total sense. To a certain extent, the market place can only get away with charging what the costumer will actually pay.

Finally the British are starting challenge the retail world… Even though much of the recent change was born out of necessity, as a direct result of the economic downturn.

Happy shopping…

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