There snow school today!

School Closed
Closed due to snow?

The BBC have reported; On Wednesday (06Jan2010) about 9,000 schools were shut across England, with 950 in Wales, and at least 250 in Scotland and 16 in Northern Ireland??? 

The first question that springs to mind is, why are so many schools actually closed and secondly, why are more closed in England than elsewhere in the UK? I suppose one simple answer would be, there are bound to be more in England because there are actually more schools. That may be the case however the numbers still don’t add up, at least not to me? 

In addition, the fact that more and more people live some distance away from their child’s school (and their work), than was previously the case, will also be a contributory factor. Add to this peoples blind reliance on the motor vehicle and we start to see some of the reasons why they say “I’m unable to unable to get to school”.  Whatever happened to walking? I know of several families in this area alone that could easily walk to school (and/or) work but simply would not consider it. You could be excused from thinking we are a Nation of citizens who suffer from reduced mobility; especially if you examine the UK welfare claims figures!

Perhaps there is a more simple reason i.e. Health & Safety legislation, or the fear of it? During an interview today one Education Chief asked; ‘who do you think would get sued if we had the school open and there was an accident when the police gave out advice saying don’t drive’?

Or one more perhaps; it’s as simple as today’s predominent British attitude of ‘can’t be arsed and/or who can I blame’. It’s good to see that our celtic cousins appear to have a little more metal and a better grip on the situation than the English. It’s a good job it wasn’t like that in 1963 or they would have had the same shit snow as us! 

Additional BBC coverage; 

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