Bravest of the brave…

The Gurkhas
Gurkha Soldiers

 Today the media report that; ex Gurkha soldiers trying to come to the UK are draining resources of the authorities and military charities? 

Who are the Gurkhas? They are the people who have fought to the death for our Country for centuries. They are the people who have proved with honour that they deserve our respect and support! At least the Gurkhas have contributed to the UK, unlike many of the bogus asylum seekers! The types who see the golden opportunity to jump on the ‘free lunch’ band wagon of our PC Welfare State! 

The state that will give handouts to anyone and everyone, based upon some flimsy persecution case that is presented by some smart arse lawyer free of charge. People that have absolutely no intention of contributing to the Country in any way! 

21May09: All Gurkha veterans who retired before 1997 with at least four years’ service will be allowed to settle in the UK, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has said. 

Once again UK Government… Shame on you!!! 

PS. As an addition to prove my point above… “Sham Marriages on the increase to beat UK immigration laws”

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