Christmas Grump!

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Well many would probably say that I’m actually ‘grumpy’ all year-round but that’s not strictly true. Yes I moan about things, yes I complain about things and, because I actually speak my mind at the appropriate time, I suppose it does come across as me being a grump. In mitigation there is actually a fair bit to get up tight about at the moment however, I am usually easy going, fairly placid and non confrontational.
The ‘Credit Crunch‘, politics, dishonesty, violence, wars, poverty etc. I could go on for pages and pages but I wont. After all, there is always someone, somewhere who is worse off than you are! We could all do with remembering that sometimes and, as various lyricists have related over the years…”Musn’t Grumble”!
However  there is a distinct difference between having a grumble just for the sake of it and, speaking up for the things you actually believe in or againstthose that are fundamentally wrong.
Over the years this Country (the UK) has suffered from all manner of silly ideas, travesties of justice and half-baked initiatives. Many of these have only come to fruition because of vociferous self-important people trying to make a name for themselves and, liberal ‘shrinking violets’ who felt unable to raise an objection.
So in answer to the question ‘why am I grumpy at Christmas‘ the answer is… Why should Christmas be any bloody different to the rest of the year!
After all, Christmas has in many ways lost it’s meaning. Many people are too materialistic, organisations and businesses are often run by modern-day Ebenezer Scrooge characters and, hardly anyone fosters the value of ‘goodwill to all men’. I expect many of the entrepeneurs would probably say “live with it grandad” but I for one refuse to.
Merry Humbug!

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