Britannia: sailing down the plughole of political (and financial) convenience

Photograph of Brittania statue, taken 13th Jun...

The maritime heritage of our small island nation has worldwide renown and is afforded a level of respect… The impact of the Royal Navy on so much of Great Britain’s cultural heritage is totally enshrined within our psyche. So, in no small way, it’s also probably destined to be remembered with great fondness and some pride for time immemorial. However; any strength in today’s Royal Navy is in reality, now mostly just a distant memory…

Due to the systematic cutbacks within the Royal Navy over recent years, we have witnessed yet another part of our government’s politically motivated dismantling of the armed forces. Many of these cuts probably wouldn’t have been required in the first place, if not for the predominance of the self-interested mismanagement of our public purse by politicians in Whitehall over the years.

But for all our undoubted naval heritage, which rightly attracts passionate support from organisations such as Save The Royal Navy, who campaign tirelessly to reverse this decline, further news is now also emerging about the increased levels of convenience flagging within the merchant fleet. It’s all news that confirms our naval decline and in addition, probably consigns any stirring rendition of Britannia Rules The Waves to be, little more than a rallying call for Promenaders!

Following on from the recent news that the luxury cruise company Cunard is to stop sailing under the British flag, where the three ships Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth will instead fly the flag of Bermuda (, two Hull-based P&O ferries, the Pride of Hull and the Pride of York, are now also being re-registered in the Bahamas in a bid to save money (

The very fabric of our once great nation is being ripped apart, all mainly due to the high levels of self-interest inherent and endemic within our public agencies and our political system… To all those responsible within the civil service and HM Government… Thanks for feck all…Again!