Observing Good Times: Binging Bimbos and Fun Time Ladettes!

The driver drinks coke - Apparently?
Binge Babes!

Whilst pottering around the other morning my wife was doing a bit of ironing and watching daytime TV. One item in discussion on This Morning caused me to pin my ears back as I learned a new word – Fringer – but what the hell is a Fringer?

Before I get mashed up by every ardent feminist, or one of numerous happily married Moms, this post is not intended to be a slight on women per se. The content is merely an observation of some (unfortunately) prominent traits in many, but not all of today’s young women. I turned to my Twitter account to find out more…

@itvthismorning – In the papers today it has been reported that two thirds of single women go out on the town with uglier girls in a bid to make themselves look more attractive! (see ITV This Morning)

Apparently a fringer is a friend who is a minger that girls use. The ensuing comments on both the show’s Twitter feed and Facebook page were both amusing and interesting. Many respondents totally denied the ‘accusation’, some admitted it but tried to dress it down and as for the remainder? Well they actually coughed to being, or at least feeling like the group fringer. Whatever the response and for whatever reason, I can assure you from my observations, the fringer phenomenon is a fact, not just something invented by the media.

You see in general, many young women actually appear to be very shallow and display many overtly materialistic characteristics. Their aspirations and desires are often based solely upon fad, fashion and physical or financial attributes. I see examples of this all the time in my work as a bar tender. I’m always amazed how a so-called group of friends can be such bitches and so catty about each other. It’s no wonder they never go to the toilet alone, they’re probably scared shitless about what their ‘friends’ say about them when they’re not in the group. Perhaps when they take a pee in pairs, at least that’s one less member of the group slagging them off?

At the bar you also hear all manner of conversations and comments. You are often privy to stuff that would normally be private information and to be fair, it probably wouldn’t be offered up so willingly to others, if not for the fact people usually get significantly louder the more they drink. None more so than young women whose inner volume control appears to have an inbuilt OTT setting. One that automatically increases along with rising levels of consumed alcohol.

I despair at the quantity of airheads there appear to be today, although there are some very pretty ones, thanks mainly to five (expensive) hours in Chantilly’s Beauty Parlour before hitting the town, they’re still shallow simple-minded airheads all the same.  They neither possess or hold any desire to get a grasp on any of real issues in life. Their only interests appear to be who is shagging who and, how to become a celebrity and move to Essex!

Whilst formulating their life plan, there is little or no mention of anything academic or industrious, any real gainful employment is simply out of the question; “like I really fancy Billy’s brother, he’s well fit and single. You know he makes masses of cash!” After a brief foray into which celebrity is shagging which other celebrity, the discussion turns quickly to the type of makeup, must have designer label to wear and which bling handbag is required for the task at hand; to successfully snare Billy’s hapless brother!

Our girlies, caked in various thicknesses of beautition’s plastering and sporting eyelashes that look as if a family of hairy caterpillars have set up home on each lid, continue to get ever more loud (and pissed). The conversation moves on to boob jobs, other surgical enhancements and which shop ‘Stacey’ got her “Fcuk Off Heals” from? During all this the group Fringer, although doing her utmost to be included in the ‘exciting’ conversation but mostly, shrinks away into obscurity of the group or worse, becomes the but of jokes for her drunken ‘friends’.

However local fat bottomed girls worry not, take solace from some information received on good authority… There’s a squeak on the street that suggests, our fringers don’t actually have to miss out on all the ‘action’ or go home alone after a night on the town… When I get more details I’ll let you know!