#Addiction #Recovery – Secular Logical Science Based Approaches

I recently came across OWN Sobriety on my internet travels. Like many others before him, the author (Mike III) is exploring what he likes to call… “modern and alternative approaches to recovery.”

He found that he has a preference for more rounded, logical, secular and science based methods that support his recovery from addictions.

Holistic Recovery: I have found that there are some really awesome people who are promoting more empowering and more intellectual methods of recovery… (Read more)

Irrespective of any past success, some treatment and support methodology, particularly but not exclusively in the USA, misses the fact; they are dealing with a diverse range of individuals, who have personal individual beliefs, aspirations and needs. And all that before you even start to consider any of the commercial impacts of addiction recovery support provision (see here).

It’s well-known and understood (in the UK) that; efficacy of addiction support, delivered in a ‘one size fits all’ approach, is often destined for failure. The provision of real choice in recovery pathways, with an approach that supports the development of understanding around new directions and values, is key to long-term sustained recovery.

Sadly, many useful tools and techniques are missing, denied or denounced for some seeking support in their recovery. Anecdotally, this is especially prevalent amongst some of the more ‘traditional’ support structures. Addiction recovery programmes that are riddled with dogma or dictatorial direction miss the needs of the individual.

Within OWN Sobriety, Mike declares – “I am not powerless”  – He is so correct!