#COVID19 – Post Lockdown?

covid19-decorativeCoronavirusMany people have offered some succinct and salient observations about the Coronavirus pandemic recently. As we (hopefully) move forwards from what is for many (arguably) a politically motivated response to the circumstances, what and how will things continue to change, after Coronavirus?

Whether or not the implemented lockdown, and other social-distancing measures, were based in politics, or genuine public-health concerns, is mostly immaterial… we are where we are, today. That said, as the restrictions on our lives finally begin to ease and/or continue to do so, subject to another spike; in reality, what should we expect from life and for our society, post covid-19 lockdown?

The Copvid-19 ‘lockdown’ will have demonstrated three things:

  1. our economy collapses as soon as it stops selling useless stuff to over-indebted people.
  2. it is possible to greatly reduce pollution.
  3. the lowest paid people are the most essential to its functioning.

Capitalism is a race in which you run flat out but there is no finishing line. As soon as you stop running the whole thing collapses!

True to form, the MSM haven’t really let up on their doom and gloom reporting. The intentionally overt negativity of the media, about almost every single aspect of the pandemic, has been woefully evident ever since Covid-19 was first recognised. I don’t see any of that changing for some time yet, at least not whilst the MSM believe they can make money from the fear and worry factors in play.

Ever since the outbreak started, we have been battling the infodemic. It’s been kind of interesting observing the outcomes. I have seen many worthy lessons for learning, whether (or not) we actually progress to changing anything about ourselves, our society, or our past business practices, will be a whole different set of questions… ones that I can’t answer.

Acceptance of my common ethos – It Is What It Is – along with the passage of time, is when we will see the final results. As ever, I remain pragmatic and optimistic because as ever, without hope we have very little!