The shocking tale of Little Ted’s

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When are we going to get to the stage whereby local authorities actually serve their communities, as opposed to serving themselves?

One of my favourite social bloggers commented on the issues…

The executive summary of the serious case review of Little Ted’s Nursery in Plymouth at which some foul slag abused kids for some Internet buddy can be found at: It does not contain much on the actual abuse, but rather seeks to evade blame or stick it on Ofsted.  Clearly written by a cretin, it offers no hope that this country will get off its knees and rid itself of the miasma of self- … Read More

“The important case here has been over-looked entirely, no doubt because the investigation was done by the very people who should be ‘found guilty”. (Allcoppedout’s Blog)

Whilst the the local politicians develop their corporate ‘damage limitation’ processes, I wonder if anyone at County Hall in Plymouth is having sleepless nights about the broken children of this social mess?