Toucan but Dodo can’t

The St. James's Gate Brewery, Dublin, Ireland
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A friend of mine has just returned to the UK mainland after spending some time in Northern Ireland

Having spent time there myself, I know there will be much for them to miss; the culture, the wonderful scenery, the great friendly people, the Guinness, the diddly dee music and of course The Craic

They tell me you can actually now get Guinness Black Lager??? Black Lager… What the feck is that all about then?

 I thought they must be pulling my appendage, or at least until I checked it out on ‘t” internet wiv me beer Goggle. It’s bloody right and apparently its been on trial in Ireland for a few months?

It appears this astute marketing ploy by Guinness is an endevour to attract some of the lager louts across from their bottles of fizzy pop and into a more civilised and up market drinking club… It’s all about trying to increase the falling profit margins caused by less drinking. As if Black Lager made by Guinness isn’t enough for me to try and swallow, now they’re telling me people don’t drink (as much) in Ireland any more?

“I blame the Euro me self… Mark my words I said, I Always said nothing good would come of this new fangled Common Market thing with Jonny Foreigner blah, blah, blah!”

It’s a good job the old Guinness Toucan has followed his mate the Dodo or he’d have fallen from his feckin perch with shock!