The head up arse and brain in neutral factor of working with numerical targets as an effective management measure…


There is a technique which some people seem to think is capable of winning any argument – even when faced with a compelling and well-evidenced line of reasoning. To fully appreciate the unparalleled awesomeness of this tactic, you have to see it in action; therefore I’ve chosen a pretty defensible statement (i.e. ‘Pigs can’t fly’) to demonstrate how it works.

Let the fun begin…

pigs fly 1pigs fly 2

Powerful tactic, isn’t it? Why waste time relying upon actual evidence to build an argument, when you can just finish a debate by stuffing your fists in your ears, or closing your eyes until the horrible monster has gone away?

Having experienced a few of these types of interactions of late whilst debating the effect of numerical targets, I thought it would be worth laying out a few key points about my stance, and invite debate (unless you’re considering reverting to Stick Person Mode, as above).

1st Point

I say:

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