Let’s Talk About Community Policing (Reblog)

American but also wholly relevant to UK policing…

Walking the Social Media Beat

Re-blog Alert:

This is a very short blog post from a very wise man who just gets it!  I love this! The video is awesome but what I really found best were the last few words, “…loosen up! Enjoy your journey.”

I was just going to hit re-blog and add my 2 cents, but this has so much value that I want you to see it all without having to make another move. But I will ask if you do like it as much as I do, then click on the link at the end and leave your thoughts with Chief Couper.

Let’s Talk (Again) About Community Policing

In this instance, one video says it all…

From my book, “Arrested Development“:

“Our nation’s police have been unable or slow to return to the community-oriented role they were in the process…

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