A Babble Soapbox Sermon…

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Jesus Saves?

As today is Sunday, although a holy day from any religious denomination would suffice, I thought a little sermon from the babble soapbox would be appropriate… Who said; “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”? Oh yes, silly me, it was Jesus on his cross thingy (allegedly).

Not being a person of any particular conviction, I tend not to ‘believe’ in much of this kind of stuff myself. Despite being born of a Christian family, and brought up with Christian type values, I do believe things can happen for a reason sometimes, often with little or no input from us. However, a more apt description of my personal beliefs would probably be secular humanism, tempered with a liberal dose of reality. A factor that partly dictates my use of the word ‘allegedly’ above.

That said, I would always wholly support everyone’s right to believe what they choose to believe. Tolerance and understanding until that is; they approach the point of preaching their beliefs to me, they don’t actually practice what they preach or, they try to suggest that I’m some sort of lesser human being, simply because I don’t subscribe to their particular brand of devotion or personal belief.

Throughout history the prevalence of zealotry hypocrisy and bigotry has been the bane of our (supposedly) tolerant, humane and educated society. Numerous religious sects, and individuals within them, have been the root cause of so much social wrong. Wars have been fought out of people’s passion for their personal belief, often to the total exclusion of another’s. Acts of terrorism too myriad to comprehend were born out of it and many thousands of people, if not millions, have died as a result of it.

The next time you have the desire to sit and pontificate about the rights or wrongs of life, or how someone should choose to live theirs, try to make sure your own ethics and raison d’être for life is totally above reproach… May your god go with you!