Six Missed Chances: The Balanced View on #MentalHealth and #Police

When dealing with emotive humanitarian issues such as the impacts of mental health support (or too often the sad lack of it), it’s far too easy for many us to shout loudly, without any reference to or understanding of the facts…

Insp Michael Brown (aka MentalHealthCop) is not one of those people. In his latest piece Six Missed Chances Michael provides some balance around the sad death of James Herbert and the subsequent Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigation into the circumstances.

The IPCC report made some national recommendations on police service response to people in mental health crisis (see here) however and as is so often the case… some of these recommendations have subsequently been misrepresented and/or manipulated by the media (see here).

If you must continue as one of today’s opinionated keyboard warriors, please ensure you have the facts to support your limited knowledge or experience around any particular subject. Irrespective of any blood boiling it might cause for you.  Bashing your keys without required understanding of the issue(s) makes you no better than the journos twisting your viewpoint!