The tragic circumstances of DCC David Ainsworth

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As one of those who regularly knocks the system and much about its leadership I have to say, surprisingly to some no doubt, that even I am saddened by the news about David Ainsworth…

I didn’t know him, neither have I been subject to his leadership or methods therefore, I’m unable to comment about his abilities or indeed his personal qualities. These tragic circumstances do however serve to fully illustrate to the public, the intense mental pressure that police officers (of all ranks) are often subjected to.

Yes the police service and it’s officers need to be open to public scrutiny however; sometimes that microscopic examination is often little more than a Whitch Hunt. Perhaps the media and the public should think… Prior to taking their next often misinformed and/or misguided pop at them… Could you Police?

…Whatever has happened, I think we should be sad that another officer is down, and remember the positives about him. Oh, and one more thing; whoever reported him for saying ‘Nice Buttons’ needs to get hold of a stab vest, get out more and start questioning their own resilience. You have stolen a father from those children. Well done. (via DCC David Ainsworth – Too Fresh For PSD? « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG.)

Like Gadget; my thoughts and condolences are with the man’s family at this very sad and difficult time… RIP Mr Ainsworth!