Searching for the Perfect Pint?

Perfect Pint

Then you should ask Bernard the Beer Boffin apparently… Bernard is the ‘all knowing’ landlord at the Perfect Pint website, his aim is to show you to the best real ale pubs serving the great beers that you love…


But the Perfect Pint is so much more than just a website, it’s also a virtual community with the aim to “make real ale, and the pubs that serve them, the heart of the real community.” They are doing this by attempting to creat the biggest and best real-time beer database in the UK, easily accessed by beer drinkers and designed to share with friends. 

It is something that surely, on reflection, is beyond even the wildest dreams of CAMRA’s founding fathers as they circled the wagons over Watney’s Red Barrel just over forty years ago…(Perfect Pint Blog)

The quote (above), was actually taken from their blog post about the increase in micro-breweries and the heavy decline of British Pubs, but it also serves as a good descriptor for their Perfect Pint iPhone App

Fancy a hoppy, citrus India Pale Ale, or a nutty, chocolatey mild? Bernard the Beer Boffin learns your tastes, and recommends beers you will love. Ask and he’ll guide you to the door of a great pub nearby.

The Perfect Pint may be a modern-day version of the CAMRA‘s traditional Good Beer Guide but more in real-time. It appears to be more easily tuned to your own personal tastes and, as with all beer, it’s more about what you like rather than what some self-appointed beer expert suggests you should like.

But, like the Cask Marque initiative, developed and supported by the trade, all these other guides actually help you to find a pub that will serve you with a great, as opposed to an indifferent (or worse), pint of cask ale.

Perfect Pint | Real Ale in Real Time

GuinnessPerfect Pint puts a great beer in your hand, Perfect Pint helps landlords keep in touch with regulars via real-time alerts, and attract new customers passing by. For Breweries, Perfect Pint showcases beers to customers who are ready to try them.

Other features of the Perfect Pint App allow you to invite friends, share tasting notes & win Real Ale prizes with Beer Bingo™, it’s all about sharing your favourite real ales and discovering new beers. You can also find information about beer festivals and it’s all constantly updated.

I have to confess, I haven’t used the App myself, I don’t own an iPhone. But I’m lucky, I can usually find a refreshing alternative – I’ve always got my GuinnessSláinte!