Bin the can!

Bin laden
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Like many I woke this morning to the news that Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden has been killed by US forces in Pakistan (BBC News). A relief to many in the Western World no doubt, given Bin Laden’s involvement in so much terrorism… There will be no greater and immediate celebration of the fact than in the USA, given the majority of the population there hold him singularly responsible for the 9/11 Twin Towers attack. My initial thought was “oh shit!”

Once the Americans have finished celebrating their turkey shoot, with marching bands and tailgate parties, will they realise they have suffered a massive own goal? Will giving martyrdom to a fanatical islamic extremist present an even greater danger than the ones we face at present? How will Al-Qaeda actually react to the demise of their leader? As martyrdom is what many of them actually crave, won’t Bin Laden’s death actually serve to strengthen their resolve. No doubt the Obama administration already has plans in place to combat possible revenge attacks however; many are wondering, will al-Qaeda survive in the long-run?

As Roger Hardy (Islamic affairs analyst) says in the BBC article; “Since the start of the year, some experts have argued that the uprisings in the Arab world have rendered it (al-Qaeda) irrelevant. They will see Bin Laden’s death as confirming the trend. Perhaps.” He continues “the root causes of radical Islam – the range of issues that enabled al-Qaeda to recruit disaffected young Muslims to its cause – remain, for the most part, unaddressed.”

The Americans may proclaim that, removal of the global jihad focal point is ‘in the can’ however, I don’t see them receiving a sudden deluge of Facebook ‘Friend’ requests from the Muslim world.