The Crabtree Challenge – Wow! I Got Published

Mr CrabtreeRecently I wrote a blog post about my entry into The Crabtree Challenge – a competition to produce fifty words or less about why I Love Fishing. I’m delighted to say that my entry (see below) has been published. My efforts were included within edition four of the Mr Crabtree e-books series on the topic.

crabtree4In reality it’s nothing major, I didn’t get paid for my little contribution however; I did join the ranks of several others who have that passion for angling. If nothing else, I’m proud to have been included in the very same e-book as one of my all-time and current angling heroes, Jan Porter.

In literary and publishing terms it’s a drop in the ocean for any aspirant author but I’m still grateful after all, every little helps. I’m also remembering the little idiom which says – Mighty oaks from little acorns grow!

Why I Love Fishing!Thank you for divine placid relaxation…

Silence, save only for bird song and peaceful ripples upon the water.

The natural wonders of a frosty morn, warmed by an orange glow breaking through mist and haze. Pitting your wits against your next ‘PB’ – This is fishing…

Crabtree I Salute You!

Still Proud To Be Fishing In The Footsteps Of Mr Crabtree!