My Headspace is Fucked…

headspaceBut is that really something I should be surprised about? Not really. Always assuming I have the energy (and ability) to delve into my cranial cavity with a rational eye and start applying some of that motivational rationality which I am (apparently) famous for.

At various points in life, and with way too regular frequency for some people, we all experience issues that, initially and at face value, appear to be so problematic and unmanageable, that we believe we can’t get through them.

We struggle with our thoughts, our feelings and our emotions. Thoughts about relationships, bereavement, ill-health anxieties, financial matters, work-related stresses and now, on top of those personal factors, we also have the impacts of a pandemic and other more recent tragic world events to contend with. Some of those events and issues which often, don’t impact upon us as an individual, at least not directly. However, they can still be profoundly difficult to deal with. Especially when we are searching for a way to navigate through the fog, and hopefully emerge from this (mostly temporary) mental-health malaise.

No matter how strong we might be, or at least appear to be psychologically (to others), sometimes the light at the end of our proverbial tunnel ends up being the headlights of an express freight train, and one that is (apparently) hurtling headlong in our direction. So, what is to be done about the situation?

Firstly, I need to Stop! I need to clear the decks and make some open space to deal with my current issues. Then I need to talk… to someone I can trust, with empathy and who provides constructive feedback that is non-judgemental and useable. But most importantly, that person must be someone who I can trust implicitly, with all my innermost thoughts and feelings. Luckily for me, I do have somebody like that in my life but having said that, I am also fully aware that not everyone happens to be so fortunate, sadly.

I’m relatively confident that my personal and professional skills will serve me well here. I’m sure that ultimately, I will be able to successfully traverse the peaks and troughs of the psychological ‘cluster-fuck’ that is unfortunately having a negative impact on my life now… I just need a little time.

Note: I do have the necessary tools that I need to fix the problem. I’m just experiencing a little difficulty in accessing the toolbox, it currently has a seized lock. Normal service will be resumed in due course, and as soon as is reasonably appropriate… I promise!