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Welcome to North Yorkshire… If  tha’s int’rested tha can read on, if tha’s not tha can Bugger Off…

North Yorkshire has the largest geographic area of any single county authority in England and, some of the most beautiful countryside.

It is hard not to like Yorkshire, irrespective of whether you are a visitor or someone who was born here. There are hundreds of websites, both official and personal, that extol the virtues of Yorkshire and probably just as many that praise the individual county of North Yorkshire. I don’t suppose anything I say will be new but hopefully it will be of interest to you. If not, at least it gave me something to do when I couldn’t go fishing!

A sense of history pervades Yorkshire, from the capital city of York with its ancient walls and incomparable minster to the architectural treasures of its stately homes and castles. Away from the bustle of Yorkshire’s premier cities like Leeds, Sheffield, Hull and Halifax the timeless rhythm of the magnificent countryside continues.Visit Yorkshire

Within the area collectively refered to as Yorkshire there are actually four separate counties, after numerous government boundary reviews over the years. How long this will be the case remains to be seen? There was previously a North, West and South ‘Riding’ of Yorkshire however, someone originating from anywhere in the dark green area of the map (below) would say “I’m from Yorkshire”. I can’t foresee any change to that – irrespective of political intervention.

Yorkshire Map

Yorkshire has 1000+ square miles of National Parks and includes a long and attractive North Sea coastline. The Yorkshire Coast  has popular resorts like Scarborough and Whitby, along with picturesque fishing villages like Robin Hood’s Bay. At the southern end of coastline you find the peaceful Yorkshire Wolds, stretching leisurely from the chalk cliffs at Flamborough down to the Humber Estuary.

Yorkshire Snow

The Yorkshire Dales; an area of great natural beauty which has long been a place to visit, and was also my first  introduction to ‘Up North’ when I moved here from Oxford as a child. With beautiful valleys, moors, rivers and waterfalls. This sheep filled landscape is a mecca for walkers and famous for great local produce. See 


The North Yorkshire Moors; with the largest expanse of heather moorland in the Country, this area is also home to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and the famous Heartbeat TV series. See

I now live between the Dales & Moors and have easy access to both so, I have a close affinity with both areas however, there is a lot more to Yorkshire. It used to be a major producer of coal and steel and therefore holds a lot of our industrial history. A large proportion of our Nation’s heavy industry and coal mining was in the South, along with cotton & woollen mills in the West. We also have some great fishing!


Yorkshire Tea

A few other well-known treasures from Yorkshire include; the Jorvik Viking Centre  and the National Railway Museum at York, the literary skills of  The Bronte Sisters  and James Herriot the famous Yorkshire Vet…

I could fill a page (oh yes, I did see here) with the many producers and purveyors of fine produce like; the Tea & Coffee merchants Taylor’s of Harrogate, famous for their Yorkshire Tea and the Betty’s Tea Rooms, there is also the cheese produced by the Wensleydale Creamery and favoured by Wallace & Gromit.I won’t even start to talk about the quality Yorkshire beer (Southerners just wouldn’t understand) and, how about that… No mention of terriers, whippets or flat caps? Oh go on then… Click here

A Video introduction to North Yorkshire…

North Yorkshire attracts a phenomenal amount of motorcyclist during the year. Most ride sensibly to enjoy the views but some look at our roads as their own personal TT course? And, far too many die each year!


Railway journeys in North Yorkshire…


You’ll Be Welcome in Yorkshire – Where hospitality flows like the ale!
Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier