CC Confidence???

Today The Yorkshire Post reported that members of North Yorkshire County Councilwill shortly be asked to vote on a no confidence motion about the Chief Constable (see here). Apparently the motion reads:

“Following the Chief Constable’s admission of gross misconduct, and the significant expense to the public purse of the enquiry resulting from his failure to admit the gross misconduct at an early stage, that this council no longer has confidence in Mr Maxwell as Chief Constable.”

It will be interesting to see which way some members vote; especially when you consider how fickle some of those members have been in light of public opinion. Given that councillors are (supposedly) elected to represent and reflect the needs of the local electorate, and the wealth of public condemnation and disgust, it wouldn’t be prudent for any them to vote in support of the chief… Now would it?

6 thoughts on “CC Confidence???

  1. There’s been a lot of this over the years. I remember a time when retiring officers started putting the boot in over stuff like the misuse of police vehicles to move furniture and the like – effectively twocs.
    Something more than this is going on though. A few years back I was working the field again as an academic. I saw a lot of people swanning around in suits who were carrying warrant cards but I couldn’t see what police work they were doing. One or two others shared my exasperation. To us they lacked interest in bringing villains down.


  2. As far as I’m ware the vote of ‘no confidence’ in a CC by the local authority is unpresidented? It is my belief that, especially if the vote goes against him, Maxwell’s position is no longer tenable… Whether or not the PA have the right (or balls) to dismiss him is another matter?


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