Sympathy Vote…

Isn’t it strange that celebrities, who court media and public adulation, are only happy with the results when it’s all going the way they planned?

Irrespective of the tearful out pouring by Peter Andre on Sky news, why has the Media regulator Ofcom “received complaints about the segment”? Because some people feel sorry for the poor man no doubt…  I don’t… He’s not the only one in the world who has been divorced, and he’s not the only person who faces a child custody battle. He also has sufficient cash to pay for the best legal team to fight his bloody corner!

Peter Andre and Katie Price, have spent all their life craving the attention of the tabloids and ‘Celebrity Magazines’ indeed, if it wasn’t for the trash reality TV shows and the likes of HELLO and OK etc. it is unlikely they would have accrued the small fortunes they have in the first place. I would say; and who’s bloody interested any way? But, judging by the mass publication figures, somebody obviously is!

The interest comes from mainly little girlies, who honestly believe all the promotional shite in the magazines and, in their ‘air heads’ think, they can all become successful pop stars, models or actresses… Failing that they set out to hunt down a football (soccer) player to marry and live off his income! They really need to quite the ‘pipe dreams’ and get real and, as far as Peter & Katie goes…

You reap what you sow!

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